Tuesday Tunes : Lights.

I have shared music from Ellie Goulding both here and here before. I just still love her and am glad that she is making a bigger name for herself these days! Stone and I have not had cable for a little over a year and while we have enjoyed our cable free life, there are definitely some things we miss out on. The news, HGTV, TLC, late night reality shows, and of course music videos. Well, when we moved into our new home it was much cheaper for us to get the internet/cable bundle then for us to only get internet installed... go figure? So, we now have cable... but only for a month... husband has warned me not to get too comfortable with it :)

Either way, this morning I have had on VH1 top 20 videos and saw this one by Ellie Goulding... I have heard the song, but never seen this video, it is pretty fun I must say. Has a great 80s vibe to it.

Anyway, happy Tuesday. Enjoy! xo.

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