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Let's be honest. As much as we all love summer with it's lazy beach days, late sunsets, and sweet fruit, really it is fall that takes the cake. There is nothing better than crisp winter air, cozy sweaters, and leaves changing... nothing.

Stone and I always joke that if you want to sell something to a girl all you have to do is say the word 'cozy' or describe it as something you can 'tuck into'. Seriously, if Stone waned me to go to a greasy taco shop in a sketchy neighborhood, but he described it as cozy then I am sold. Done. That is kinda like what fall is. A cozy season where you can tuck away and read a good book. Precisely why we all love it. I have a few fun crafts on my to do list this fall and I am hoping to try them all out.

Homemade Vanilla : We recently shot a wedding where the bride made Madagascar Vanilla as gifts for all of her guests. Not only was it so cute, but it is something people will actually use! I thought it would be the perfect hostess gift for all of the Christmas parties coming up this season.

Hanging Leaves : I really want to make a leafy garland, but I want to use real leaves. The fake stuff just does not cut it. Of course Martha has the best idea for keeping your leaves colorful and sturdy. Dip them in wax!

Pine Cone Door Hanger : Thought this was a colorful and fun little craft. I don't think it is front door worthy, but perhaps if you have a little side or back door it could be a nice fall touch!

Twig Wrapped Candle Holders : Just a cute touch!

Fall Foliage Wreath : A great alternative to a fresh wreath. This could be perfect for the indoors. Our new front door has a big 'ol window in it so I thought I could put a fresh wreath outside and a more crafty one inside! Getting wreath crazy....

'Thanks' Bottles : Love, love this idea for an easy and cheap home decoration. You could put it on your mantle, bookshelves, or as a centerpiece on your buffet table at Thanksgiving!

Get crafting :) xo.

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