Weekend wrap up : Movin' on up.

Oh man, where do I even begin? We spent the last weekend, along with the help of our generous friends, moving furniture, boxes, and clothing from our old home into our new home. You would think that moving out of a 580 square foot place would not take too much time or energy. But, you would be wrong. How do we accumulate all of this stuff, I am not quite sure. What I am very sure of though is that our next move will be permanent :)

I think what really affected us the most this weekend was the task of painting the walls of our new (very old) home. It was a lovely shade of yellow, green, and purple before we got our hands on it. Now it is a fresh mint green and grey. I love it. And just like I predicted, we feel like we moved into a mansion. Stone and I keep laughing at the fact that we sometimes will try and say something to the other and don't know what room to find each other in! It is awesome.

Speaking of awesome things. Ikea. We have been building things from Ikea this weekend like crazy and I have to say I am pretty impressed with their instructions, it means four girls can piece together a sleeper sofa in one hour flat. Sounds like a riddle :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and HAPPY OCTOBER! xo.

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