Food to love : Moscow Mule (kinda)

Stone and I are not big drinkers. I do like a glass of wine here and there, but other than that we are clueless when it comes drinks. Especially mixed drinks.

That is until we tried a Moscow Mule for the first time at one of our favorite restaurants Starlite. It was delicious enough for us to attempt making our own version at home. While nothing we make will be as good as having the real thing out of a copper mug, it is a good alternative. Perfect cocktail for entertaining!

We kind of eye the amounts until it tastes right to us. Also, it is important to note that a true Moscow Mule is made with vodka instead of rum and does not have agave or bitters (those are just an extra special treat).

You can find the mugs here, but it will cost you a pretty penny! Start with a few cubes of ice and poor in about half of a bottle of ginger beer and 2 oz of rum. Next add agave (about 1 teaspoon), bitters (two dashes), and lime (a good squeeze) to taste.


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