Look of the week : 1960s.

Mmmmm... The MET museum's vintage Dior dress collection. So beautiful!

Stone and I have been into all of these new 1960s era tv shows like Mad Men, Pan Am, and Playboy Club. The clothing of that time period makes me feel like a total schlub (yup, I don't know if that is a word, or if it is I don't think I spelled it correctly). I need to step it up!

Go here to see more of these gorgeous gowns.


Caterina said...

gorgeous dress indeed! I can soo understand you about being all into the 1960's :) everything was so glamorous!

Annie said...

So sad - playboy club got canceled. I had watched all 3 episodes in a row and the next day (monday) i found out they canceled it. i'm so sick of them canceling shows so fast before even giving it a chance, especially good ones! ugh. but, at least we still have mad men and pan am...so far! luvs.

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