Weekend wrap up : People watching.

This weekend my mom (Becky) and sister (Lindsay) came to visit! I knew I had to convince them to make it out to the west coast before the babies were born or else it was likely that it would not happen for a while. So, they flew in on Thursday and we spent the long weekend hanging on the beach, cooking, showing them our favorite spots in Encinitas, talking about life with the babies (less than 3 months away!) and taking long walks. It seems that Encinitas likes to play tricks on us because Stone and I are always raving about the incredible weather, but then every time we have visitors it is gloomy as all get out. So our day on the beach did little in the way of bronzing us, but it was still warm and fun people watching. Does that sound creepy? I love to people watch and usually I try and figure them out, I can write a whole story about a person just by watching them. Not that it would actually be accurate, but interesting none the less. I wonder what people watchers come up with when they see Stone and I?

Either way it was a lovely weekend ending on a great note with a delicious dinner at our good friends' The Carters house! Can't beat that.

Welcome back to work. xo.


Kate said...

beautiful ladies...

Laura said...

Great picture of you, your mom and Linds with her babies-bump! LOVE it!!!

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