Week wrap up : Life according to my phone.

Well it has been a while since I have been here! Sometimes it feels like a week goes by in a giant blur without much explanation of what I did with my time. The only proof I have that I did in fact do some things, are the photos on my phone :) For starters, last week, we traveled. Stone and I jumped on a plane to Colorado to see his grandpa (who has been in the hospital the past two weeks) and shoot a wedding. Now we are gearing up for our big move! We have done all of the major things to prepare... we went to Ikea, we purchased a new sofa (one we have been dying for and found on Craigslist!), and even started collecting boxes. Stone and I just have to actually fill those boxes now. I think that will be my job, as he needs to edit like crazy so that he can help with the move. Oofta! So much to do, so little time!

Hope you have had a wonderful start to your week, I am happy to be back. xo.


//stefania origgi said...

Love your blog and good luck with the moving and editing, very exciting for you both! Stef

Shel + Stone said...

Thanks Stefania!

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