That's a wrap : Kelda + Eric

This is just a small (very small) taste of Kelda and Eric's beautiful wedding in San Francisco. These three photos above are up there with my favorite that we have shot at a wedding ever. There is just something about the fog that makes photos look so romantic. Go here to see the full post from their wedding, trust me you won't be disappointed ;)


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Katie said...

I just checked out the full set of photos in the link you provided. I just have to say: I think you and Stone are the BEST wedding photographers I have ever seen. Your photos continue to be unique, inspiring, breath-taking, and beautiful. I find myself looking at photos of people I don't even know, just so I can enjoy your talents. And I don't even LIKE weddings in general. Seriously. Ask Jenni ;) So keep up the good work, and if I EVER got married again (which I won't), but if I did (please don't make me), I would have you two capture it. ;)

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