Inspiration board : Take me home.

It is two weeks and counting until we move into our new place. TWO!

Stone and I are so excited and our minds are reeling with ideas of what we can do to make a rental into a home. That is my immediate goal whenever I move into a new place... make it cozy! I never thought I would be a girl willing to invite vibrant colors into my home. Always the one to choose olive green over grass green OR rust red over cherry red when decorating. Husband changed all of that. When I first met Stone and saw his college room I was blinded, literally, by the four bright blue walls that he had painted himself.

Since then he has been seeping color (bright color) into my life little by little. NOW I am drooling over mint green sofas, light up marquee arrows, and orange metal clocks. Love it all and cannot wait to have it in my home!

1 : We do not hunt, obviously. But, I am down for hanging these modern animal heads in our home. Rhino is my favorite!

2 : Love all of my magazines. Hate trying to figure out where to put them. Problem solved!

3 : This one came from husband's furniture list, I love that he also likes to furnish and decorate.

4 : Just a little funk for the office! It is a bit pricey, but I think it will make a great statement in the room. Also, debating whether or not to get the 'C' instead.

5 : When Stone and I saw this we knew it had to be ours. It would be an investment piece for us and hopefully would last a lifetime with lots of fabric changes.

6 : Love the poms.

7 : We have never owned a clock... clearly from the iPhone generation!

8 : Eames purists would be disappointed, but these knock-offs are pretty convincing!


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