Okay so I never had a fear of snakes growing up... but, that was because I grew up in Dallas. I did not need to fear them, I feared other things like roaches and enormous spiders.... not snakes though. Then I moved here. To beautiful Colorado. And this happens...

(That is only half of the body too! The thing was huge!)

Yesterday we were in Fort Collins, and chatting about how Stone's dad has already had to kill two (TWO!) rattle snakes on their driveway this Spring. As we are talking about this I look over and see this... a huge bull snake crossing the walkway up to their house. Unfortunately (for all of us who dislike snakes as much as I do now) we did not kill this snake, they actually prey on rattle snakes, which is a good thing. We just used a rake and promptly moved him out of the garden. Gross! So now maybe it is not roaches and spiders as much here, but definitely snakes and mountain lions, oh my.

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