Thank you Chipotle.

Happy Chipotle Tuesday!

Do you pay much attention to where your food is coming from? I know I never have before, but recently it has become such a 'thing' for restaurants to serve organic, locally grown, hormone free, and free range foods. And to be honest it makes me feel healthier and happier knowing what I am eating. Here is a little clip of an article from Chipotle. Stone and I went tonight (of course) with all of our friends and it was perfect. Thanks Chipotle!

' "Food With Integrity" isn't a marketing slogan. It's not a product line of natural and organic foods. And it's not a corporate initiative that will ever be finished or set aside to make room for other priorities. It's a philosophy that we can always do better in terms of the food we buy. And when we say better, we mean better in every sense of the word- better tasting, coming from better sources, better for the environment, better for the animals, and better for the farmers who raise the animals and grow the produce.

The hallmarks of Food With Integrity include things like unprocessed, seasonal, family-farmed, sustainable, nutritious, naturally raised, added hormone free, organic, and artisanal. And, since embracing this philosophy, it's had tremendous impact on how we run our restaurants and our business. It's led us to serve more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant in the country, to push for more sustainable practices in produce farming, and to work with dairy suppliers to eliminate the use of added hormones from their operations.

It's even influenced the way we view other aspects of our business, from the materials and systems we use to design and build our restaurants, to our staffing and training programs.

We like the food we serve today. And, because of our Food With Integrity philosophy, we're confident that we'll like it even more down the road. '

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jenna said...

I want to note that this is Shel's 3rd blog post on Chipotle. obsessed much? :)

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