Have a delicious weekend.

I hope you have a wonderful couple of days off : )

I just got home tonight from my sister's graduation. It was so fun to see where she and her husband have been living for the past two years and get to walk through the architecture building and look at her (extremely impressive) projects. We had an amazing dinner here with the fam to celebrate Linds and everything she has accomplished. Some of the things on the menu (i.e bacon foam) reminds me of a creation from Top Chef, it was an amazing meal, definitely on my top 10 so far in life (maybe even top 5).

Here are some recipes I have found around the web, if you have time this weekend may be a perfect opportunity to try one out.


For breakfast, amazing multigrain mini muffins.

For lunch a slice of quiche lorraine.

Add a salad too!

Maybe bake yourself a little treat for afternoon snack.

Finish off the day with a hearty meal of meatballs (delish!).

And if you are feeling extra Southern try this as a side to the meatballs.

Now thats a lot of good eatin'.

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