Ready for this? Our big trip photo album.

Okay... so here they are!

Lots of photos I know... but, hey, my husband is a photographer so what did you expect? I kind of grouped them the first few are from our time in Sonoma, then Sausalito, and then San Francisco. It was such a fun trip and I recommend it to anyone. A great mix of city and country! Hope you enjoy them, and if you have absolutely zero interest in our vaca pictures... don't worry, this is all.

One day we had an amazing picnic lunch at Landmark winery in Sonoma. They also had botchiball, which was a fun little treat!

These photos were taken at the different wineries we visited throughout the day. The wine caves were just as cool as I thought they would be, and the bottom right is a field of lavender... heavenly! Also, one of the owners of the wineries collected classic cars... which the boys liked of course.

A great photo of Pat and Lace (love you two!) and on the bottom is a photo of what grapes look like when they are first starting to grow, they don't taste very good yet, but they will be ready to be harvested in the early Fall.

On our way driving into Sonoma, Stone made a dramatic turn into a parking lot because he saw this field with a few vintage airplanes just sitting. It ended up being a small airport for people with their own private planes, but these were just on display. Stone loves planes, so seeing these were like the highlight of the trip for him.

Homes and churches in Sonoma, I love that they have kept all of the old architecture of the town and just renewed it. Very quaint.

Me and the view from one of our cable car rides.

Husband and I in Sausalito.

We stopped in at the most random 'HUGE yard sale' in Sausalito, we thought it would be fun to see what the homes look like that are hidden behind the gorgeous lush gardens that were lining the streets. The sale was super random, including boxes of used paints.

We walked down to look at all of the boat houses and sailboats, there were tons and all so cool.

A view from the ferry ride of the Bay Bridge.

Cable cars were so fun... probably super touristy, but who cares?

I love the top photo of the city in the background with the blurred metered binocular thingy in front (good job husband!). Also, the classic photos in front of the Golden Gate bridge, you just have to do it.

Gott's Roadside is so delicious! Burgers (all natural, vegetarian fed beef with no hormones, might I add), mint shakes and sweet potato fries... they know the way to my heart!

Looking out our hotel room windows at the Fairmont on Nob Hill in San Francisco. Thank you Geoffory in concierge for giving us the cool corner suite (and thank you dad for the hotel room birthday gift!)!

Walking around town the first afternoon that we met up with the Dodds (it had been since Christmas!) and clearly we are so happy to be together!

More cable car.
Hint: If you go to San Fran, get the cable car pass from the airport then you can save a couple bucks... also it will get you on the city busses too!

Husband's reflection and the two of us girls walking.

The architecture in San Francisco is so fun, some really old, some modern and a lot of extremely eclectic places as well. A good mix!

Golden Gate bridge.

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