On HIS bedside table.

Stone is more of a serious reader than I am : )

Donald Miller, who is most famous for Blue Like Jazz, also wrote Searching for God Knows What and Through Painted Deserts. Stone likes this writer because he is relatable and not a cheesy Christian author. He writes for every man.

Stone's all time favorite author as of late is Malcolm Gladwell. He is humorous and witty. Whenever Stone is reading one of his books he always has interesting tidbits and short stories to tell me, so I suppose him reading these books is enjoyable for me too!

The Shack is a pretty intense book from what I have heard, but a good one, and the story line is captivating so I know Stone finished it in two days tops.

Beach Music is my husband's absolute favorite book, (I have yet to read it) and I think it is because the book cover is not appealing to me and I always judge books by the cover : )

Lastly, I gave Stone a subscription to Dwell magazine for Christmas and he loves, loves these issues. They are so decorative too! We will always keep them to decorate shelves and what not... even the spines are colorful and fun.


Stone Crandall Photography said...

all great books. very much recommended.

BMer916 said...

oh man i've been wanting to read Outliers for awhile now, i'll have to pick it up. good selection here!

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