South Carolina.

I am here in South Carolina with my mom and dad to visit my sister and brother-in-law! I have not been here in the two years that they have lived here while my sister has been going through grad school for health care architecture. And she has made it through (with flying colors might I add) and my fam is all gathering to celebrate and watch her walk across the stage! I could not be more excited to be here with them (it has been since Christmas) and also could not be more proud of my sister. Check out an article about her accomplishments here.

Basically, she is the bomb (I had to bring out late 90's slang just to describe how cool she is). Here is a photo of her final project and also a photo of her accepting one of her MANY awards.

We went on an afternoon walk with this guy. It was lovely after being in a plane for 5 hours!

And here are some photos of beautiful South Carolina.

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Stone Crandall Photography said...

oh man! I wish I was there with you all!

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