Papa and the Jeep Willy's.

Stone took these photos about a month ago when he went down to Fort Collins for the day to spend time with his grandpa and dad working on an old Jeep Willys that is the new project. Here is what he wrote about it, and you can also see more photos from the day here.

'In this world we all have our home. Not necessarily our house, the place we grew up, or where our parents live, but rather the particular places, people, and situations where we feel alive and whole.

Recently my grandpa (Papa) has been having some health issues and expressed to my dad his desire to simply let life take it's course. Of course this was really hard for my dad to hear, and was followed by my dad asking why he wouldn't want to try to extend his time. My grandma passed away years ago, and the doctors office where Papa did maintenance has closed down. Although Papa has been retired as long as I can remember he has always been working, and he has always had a project. You see my Papa is at home in his hands. The past few years, as he has lost more and more mobility, his projects have become fewer and fewer. He told my dad he has lived a full life and has simply grown bored. Hearing this broke my dads heart. My dad began to pray for the Lord to provide a project or something to change Papa's mind and engage his heart. Sure enough about a week later, just outside of our neighborhood, a man was selling his 1947 Willy's Jeep. My dad instantly thought back to the countless hours Papa has spent telling us stories of his time as a diesel mechanic in the Navy, and the fun he and his buddies had goofing around and working on the war era Willy's Jeep. This was it. My dad bought it and drove it to Papa's garage. Papa's face lit up.

So, this is the new project. Possibly the final project. And for now, this is my grandpa at home ...'

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