Anthology Magazine

I definitely love a good printed magazine. Secretly, I spend hours at bookstores just sitting and reading through them so I don't have to buy them :) Don't tell anyone, though.

However, these days, now that reading blogs and news online has become a part of my mornings, it is nice to have the option of online magazines (even if it is just bits and pieces from the full mag) as well. Anthology is a new magazine that has just launched and will come out quarterly. The mag is filled with beautiful photos, design ideas, articles and much more. You can also get the full print version as well as reading a couple of the articles which are available online. Best of both worlds!

Because, let's all be honest... nothing is better then actually being able to dog-ear pages that you find inspiring. Here is what the founders of Anthology have to say about it:

[Anthology is] A new quarterly shelter and lifestyle print magazine that takes a narrative approach to its coverage of home d├ęcor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture. We envision the magazine as a collection of stories shared with readers.

Go hear to read their blog and go here to start flipping through pages online.

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