A to Z

I am in a rut.

I have about 20 recipes (if that) in my repertoire and that is about it for our options when it comes to dinner. That is why I was so excited to read about this new cooking guide called A to Z! But, even more then recipes, it has a full list of ingredients that you may or may not use on a regular bases. For instance, I have always wanted to make dishes with artichokes, but, it is not something I ever have on hand or that any of my recipes call for. So, you can go to the menu, choose artichokes, read all about them and then see recipes that include that ingredient.

AND, one other thing I have to tell you about! Real Simple has put a section on this site to find fresh ingredients in your area, just enter your zip code and you will be sent a list of great areas near you to buy organically.

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