Weekend wrap up.

Well, our weekend flew past us, as it alway seems to do! I have a habit of making lists, and always seem make a rather extensive one for the weekends... mostly errands to run, people to call or see, and chores that need to get done around our home. More often than not these lists are so long that even if I did dedicate my entire weekend to completing everything on them, I would still not have enough time. This weekend I feel like I got nothing done from my lists other than the loads of laundry that just had to be washed because the pile was taking up our entire bedroom! But, on to a new week and an entire different set of lists... of course :)

Our weekend was spent hanging out with friends, however, which was way better than doing chores around the house. We spent yesterday watching two of our friends run the Silver Strand Half Marathon on Coronado Island... they did an amazing job and smiled throughout the entire run, seriously, I have never seen two people so smiley while running 13 miles! It was awesome and we were so happy to be there to cheer them on. We then went to a really popular restaurant here in Encinitas called Swami's, it was so delicious and such a fun atmosphere, and definitely lived up to the hype.

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