Capturing color.

Okay, so there are probably only a small handful of people who think that this is cool... I happen to be one of them. Pantone has developed a product that you can use on any type of surface, fabric, or material. I love decorating, so this type of tool is right up my alley. I mean, have you ever stayed in a hotel room or eaten in a restaurant and thought I love the color on these walls (okay, probably not many of you have)? But, it is handy for matching a specific color in your pillows to paint for the wall. Unfortunately it will cost a pretty penny.

So, as you can guess, it is iPhone to the rescue. Instead of spending a ton on a device (even though it is way cool) that you wont use that often. You can download this app, then when you take a photo the app will give you Pantone paint colors to match! Brilliant.

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Kim said...

brilliant is right. SO cool!

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