Have a wonderful weekend.

Hope you have had a fabulous Saturday so far! Stone and I have just caught up on sleep last night and this morning made the most delicious breakfast. Other than that our plans are to meet up with friends tonight for dinner, then tomorrow we are waking up at the crack of dawn to go cheer on two of my girlfriends who are running a half marathon on Coronado Island. Maybe they will inspire me to train for one.... maybe.

Here are some great websites referred by the staff in this month's InStyle mag that you may want to add to your weekly read!

Go to Smitten Kitchen for delicious recipes, like the ones pictured above.

Find free downloads of new music at Rcrdlbl.

For fun tidbits and news information you can visit Reddit.

My Milk Toof, is a witty blog about two baby teeth and their adventures.

Need some gardening tips? A Way To Garden has the answers.

Going to Lenscratch makes you feel like you just stepped into a modern photo museum exhibit!


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