Food to Love: Nonnie's Fudge Pie

Here it is. And you definitely want to store this recipe away, somewhere very special and secret. It is the richest, most delicious fudge pie you will ever taste! When my sister and I were little we spent a couple weeks each summer in Wichita Falls with my grandma, Nonnie. Have you been to Wichita Falls, Texas before? If you have then you would know that it is lacking in the 'fun department'. So we made our own fun of course. We spent hours outside pushing each other on her tire swing in the backyard, playing Crazy 8 cards (I found the exact set that we used to play with on Etsy! How random.), and of course baking. Because every good Texas grandma knows she needs to teach her granddaughters to bake. We made all sorts of things, but the one recipe that is always requested whenever we go back to Wichita Falls is Nonnie's Fudge Pie. After you try it yourself you will know why.

This was my very first attempt at baking it alone, and of course perfection comes with time, so it fell apart. But, we molded it as nicely as we could back into pie form and covered it with slivered almonds just for good measure.


Nonnie's Fudge Pie
(recipe makes 2)

2 sticks butter
2 squares of Baker's unsweetend chocolate
Melt together slowly in pan on stovetop.
Watch and don't let it boil.
Stir after it melts.
4 eggs
2 cups sugar
Beat eggs in mixer, then add sugar and mix.
Next, add chocolate mixture and beat well.
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup flour, sifted
Add vanilla and then slowly beat flour into mixture.
Pour into 2 8" metal pie pans greased with butter.
Scatter pecans or almonds over the tops of pies.
Bake at 325 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.

Go ahead, have two pieces, you deserve it!


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Kate + Zach said...

If this is anywhere close to as good as her Banana Bread, I can't wait to make it! Thanks for sharing :)

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