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TGIF... right? I do miss the days of coming home from school, having dinner and watching TGIF (you know... Family Matters, Full House, Step By Step, and Boy Meets World).

Anyway, enough of that. This week I have had some new revelations that I am excited and terrified about all in the same breath. When I first graduated from college I had all of these expectations of what I would accomplish in the business world. And as most of us have realized our expectations are far different than reality. Usually reality exceeds anything we could have planned out for ourselves anyway. Mine has. No, I have not climbed the corporate ladder for an event planning company that would inevitably take over most of my days and hours leaving little time to enjoy life. But, I have been able to start a successful company with my husband (he is the best boss that there is to have).

Above is an excerpt from Matchbook magazine of an interview of a married couple that owns and operates a design business. I have always loved their work and it is fun to put some faces behind the beautiful designs that they come up with. I really appreciated this interview, and you can go here to see more. It is very encouraging to see that married couples are able to work collaboratively, be successful, and at the end of the day still have a loving and healthy relationship.

I finally have dropped any and all of my expectations and am just completely excited to see what Stone and I can make of our business. xo.

We have changed our website! Simple and clean is the theme. I hope you love it.

Matchbook magazine has just released their first issue. It is awesome.

The cute couple interviewed above creates the most beautiful designs. Go here to see them!

Getting ready for Valentine's? Here is a fun craft to do over the weekend.

Ummm... all I can say is I am in love.

Letterpressed Valentine's cards... is there anything more romantic?

I found this blog post by my favorite star (Gwyn of course) super informative, I want to try out everything!

Stone and I both have a pair these on our wish list.

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