Holiday wrap up.

We are back home! I have to say, traveling to two different states over our Christmas vacation this year was wonderful... exhausting, but wonderful. Stone and I have yet to divide Christmas up between our families and I kind of like it that way, it is so great to be able to spend time with both of them. In Colorado we made homemade pizzas, went to Christmas Eve service at our old church in Boulder and played ping pong at Cooper Smiths Pub with Stone's friends from high school. In Texas we visited my grandma in Wichita Falls, went to the Nasher Sculpture Museum, saw Little Fockers (not nearly as bad as the critics are saying!), and spent time with friends at Times Ten Cellars.

We flew back the night before New Years Eve (thank you AA for the free first class upgrade!) and rang in 2011 with friends. I have not yet officially put together my resolutions for the new year, but I have been thinking of them and will write them all down soon. One that did come up last night was to choose to be happy. It sounds kind of lame, and probably seems simple, but I really think it can make a difference. Last night I spent a couple hours making Wendy's Green Chili Enchiladas, they are so delicious and I made extra to last us a few more days this week (love leftovers!). Well, when the time went off and I was taking the dish out of the oven , I cant really say what happened, all I know that I lost my gripping on them and the entire glass dish dropped out of my hands and onto our kitchen floor, breaking into a million pieces. My first reaction was to walk out of the room and cry, of course. So, I did... for only about a minute and then I took a few breaths and walked back into the kitchen to clean up the delicious disaster. About an hour later we ended up eating frozen taquitos in silence. Looking back, I really wish I had reacted differently, I wish I had laughed about it cleaned it up and moved on happily. But, I let it effect my mood for the next few hours. So, one resolution in 2011 is to choose to be happy, even when you are eating frozen taquitos at 8:30 PM.

xo :)

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