Weekend wrap up : Here comes the sun.


For the past two morning I have woken up with this song in my head. Really terrible, right? I mean, even for someone who loves country music this is not something you want serenading you to wake up. I want something like Julie Andrews' sweet voice waking me up. Either way, I am up, and it is Monday.

The weekend went by way too fast as it always seems to. Gloomy and chilly were two themes for this weekend, so we did what anyone would do, stayed in our comfys and watched as many movies as possible. We did sneak in a dinner date here with friends, but who would pass up on a good burger and sweet potato fries? After church yesterday, I got in a bit of a funk, I needed to get out. My plans for the day had included going to the farmer's market to buy a few things for this coming week, and it serves me right that the cats and dogs falling from the sky cancelled those plans, because I need to stop making plans on the weekend anyway. I am a planner, but recently have found that my planning just gets in the way of spontaneity, so I am trying to let our weekends just happen as they do.

I digress. Back to being in a funk.

The next couple of hours I spent enduring a gory war movie (because those are husband's favorites... not the gory parts, but the war parts) begging the sun to show it's face. And as if it was listening, it did just that. We rushed outside and spent the remainder of the little daylight that was left walking to our local coffee shop. Thank you sunshine, I needed that.

Go here to see more of our outing.



courtney poole said...

Shel-- the pictures of your outing are beautiful. the lighting couldn't be any more perfect! you two are so talented. xo

Shel + Stone said...

Thanks so much :) We cannot wait to shoot you guy!

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