Inspiration board : A bit of everything.

I have found little inspirations from all over this week.

A perfect day for me would include all of the above. Lately, I have been speeding through books at a super fast pace. So, I would wake up and stay in bed a couple of hours reading. Then, I would head to an art museum preferably one with this 'Falling Garden' as the current exhibition. I would so love to spend a morning under this work of art looking at all the details. Next, I would treat myself to a delicious lunch like this Coconut Quinoa and Spinach salad (especially if it was already made for me!). After lunch, I would head here at our local outdoor market looking for new drapes for our living room and picking up some flowers to bring home. Of course, on this outing I would be wearing some sweet kicks. Lately, I have been searching for some fun stamps to make my own gift tags and cards, so when I got home I would attempt to create my own! And, lastly, I would take some inspiration from Olivia P and get glam for a hot date with husband :)


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Annie said...

Ew. That is Olivia Palermo. I despise her.

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