For the Mad Men lovers...

So... I have only seen the first season of Mad Men and, of course, I loved it. Stone and I both loved it. If you have not seen an episode and are wondering what all of the fuss is about, rent it and you will become a crazed fan too, I am sure of it. I saw this illustrated book based on the TV show and thought I had to share, especially because I know so many of my friends are die hard Mad Men fans. The book takes a look at the culture of the 60's by offering up things such as drink recipes, women's hairstyle tips, appetizer menus, and paper cutout dolls of the office manager, Joan. Love it!

Now Stone and I just need to rent the next season and catch up with everyone else.
Go here to buy!

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Katie said...

Great post. I recently started renting Mad Men Season 1 and I'm quickly becoming obsessed with it! This book looks fun to read.

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