Have a lazy weekend.

This weekend, I am sleeping in and enjoying a good cup of coffee when I do finally decide to get out of bed.

You know those weeks that are just so rushed, you wake up in a hurry and then speed out the door? Well it was one of those weeks. So I plan on taking the next couple days slowly... spending time with husband, playing tennis, hanging out on the beach, going to our friend's screening of 'Down the Road', and watching another friend finish a half marathon! Whew. I found some great links to share this week and I hope you take some time this weekend to relax as well :)


I want to learn how to do this to my hair... it seems like the perfect beach look.

A delicious looking lunch idea...

Or of course, you could be more healthy and try this.

This looks like fun!

Stone and I have needed these tips for removing rust off our bikes... thought you might be interested too!

40% Off at JCrew Factory online this weekend! Woohoo.

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