Have a relaxing weekend!

Hello all. So it has been a hectic week, packing and moving out of Boulder, unpacking and moving in with my husband's parents, then getting used to my commute to work! Things are slowing down a bit and feeling more normal again and I am looking forward to the long weekend. We are shooting a wedding this Sunday and just had an incredible senior photo session tonight (the girl is a future model, I am putting money on it!).

Above are photos from our first place! They were not taken with the blog in mind so they are a little random, but Stone just took a few shots for us to be able to remember what it was like (because I truly have the worst memory ever!). It was cozy and perfect for our first two years of marriage, but, we are happy to be moving on to a new adventure :)

Here are a few fun things to keep you entertained through the long weekend!


TOMS has lace up tennies now and I think they are pretty great.

Breakfast burrito recipe... yes, please!

A curvy chair.

Stencil tricks, I am way into the kitchen table stencil project!

The perfect tweed jacket for Fall!
The coolest party barge I have ever seen, I would def have one if I lived on the lake!

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