TV Guide.

Good news... tv is back on!

This is the week for premieres and I just cannot wait :) I am not a couch potato or anything, there are just some shows (ie. Glee and Modern Family) that I just cannot miss. Anyway, here is the run down:

30 Rock: Begins 9.23 8:30/7:30c NBC
Community: Begins 9.23 8/7c NBC
Top Chef Just Desserts: Began 9.15 10/11c BRAVO
The Office: Begins 9.23 9/8c NBC
Modern Family: Begins 9.22 9/8c ABC
Project Runway: In mid-season Thursdays 9/8c Lifetime
Glee: Begins 9.21 8/7c FOX

Sorry if this is totally lame, but at least I did not include Gossip Girl and the likes :)


Britt said...

Shel! The blonde, pregnant girl on Glee is moving 2 doors down from us.

BMer916 said...

i could be wrong, but i think Top Chef: Desserts is on Bravo, not Lifetime

Shel + Stone said...

you are RIGHT! :)

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