JCrew: Liquor Store Vintage

JCrew has done it again. The first menswear-only boutique 'JCrew Liquor Store' opened in the old Tribeca Tavern in New York. The original wood bar is still intact and they have expanded their product with vintage collectable watches, LPs and first edition books! So next time Stone and I head up to NY he can go to the Liquor Store and I will head to their new bridal boutique (do I have any use for a wedding dress? no. but it would be fun of course!).

What will they come up with next I wonder? Maybe furniture, that would be so great!

1 comment:

Kate + Zach said...

I'm in love. Well, I'm in love for Zach. He would be like a kid in a candy store in that place. He turns 30 this month! Note to self...

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