Week wrap up.

How was your week? I would have written more, but, our entire week my thoughts were consumed with finding a new home for us. Don't get me wrong, we had an incredible time in San Diego... we were just on a mission the entire time and the waiting game is not fun to play. We are still waiting too. Hoping to hear from a place today so keep your fingers crossed for us! Like I said, we also had a lot of fun while in California, it was good to get a feel for North County (since that is where we will be moving) and be able to learn the neighborhood a bit.

Our friends Lacey and Patrick are always the best hostesses and we love vacationing with them! They introduced us to so many great restaurants and shops and I feel totally prepared and at ease about making the transition. I am such a home body, that having a place that feels comfortable and familiar is extremely important to me so I am very thankful for this time to get to know the area. We will be living in Encinitas, which is north of San Diego and feels like a cute surf town. One of the things I have loved so much about living in Boulder is that it has a small town feel, but there are still plenty of people so you don't feel too suffocated. The advantages of being able to ride our bikes around and not be in the car too long each day are so great that I hope we never live somewhere that this is not an option

So... back to our week... here is a run down of the things we did while there!

Right after we landed we headed to Trader Joe's, and this is one of the most exciting things for me about the move. If you have never been to one, you are missing out, and I am not giving it undeserved hype... promise! We found our new pizza spot at Pizza Port, such a great atmosphere and amazing pizza. Stone was able to go surfing 3 days, which he is loving (I will get out there too, I am just not as hard core as the boys). We spent a few good hours searching Craigslist for house rentals at Pannikin, which I am sure is to be my new favorite coffee spot. My friend from college, Courtney, met up with us one night for Taco Tuesday at El Camino and then a little bowling (what could be better than those two things?). The Dodds dominated us in a game of Skipbo at Extraordinary Desserts... a re-match is definitely in order. Lacey and I spent some time sunning on Moonlight Beach, I can definitely get used to that :). We also had an amazing cookout at our friends, The Gordon's home (thanks so much for the burgers!) after we went to church here on Sunday night. Lastly we had a triple couples date with The Dodds and The Gordons at Sushi Deli, so so good!

Have I convinced you to come visit us yet?


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