Weekend wrap up.

Well, Stone and I have landed in San Diego! We spent the entire day searching for houses (which is why I was MIA today in blog-world)... which was exhausting and not too successful. If you know of anything in North County for rent please let me know :)

It was, however, fun for us to explore the different neighborhoods and start to envision ourselves there. Scary, but exciting. I am realizing more and more how much of a "nester" I am, the thought of coming to a new place, finding community and making a home is much more intimidating than I thought it would be. But, now is the time for us to try it.

Anyway, how was your weekend? We were busy with a photo shoot and then getting ourselves together to get out here. We are so happy to be here and I will keep you updated throughout the week! xo.


David Housholder Photography said...

I wish you two would move to Dallas instead, Dallas needs two of the most amazing people I know here.

Kim said...

sunny san diego! have fun :)

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