Some flea market finds...

Stone and I took a little break from work today and went to Itchy's Flea Market. I honestly do not think I have rummaged through a legit flea market until today. I have been to plenty of 'vintage' stores and 'thrift' stores, but the flea market is different. There is everything from old cameras and typewriters to grandma's china to bedspreads that I would not touch with a ten foot pole. You really (REALLY) have to dig at flea markets, but you can find some neat things for way less than your average thrift or vintage store! Stone was pretty excited about discovering a film projector for his 8mm films and I love all of the fun kitchen accessories and decor PLUS we found a great typewriter that looks like it came straight out of Mad Men! All in all it was not the most successful trip since we were going there to look for a kitchen island, but I found a lot of other great things... don't be surprised when your Christmas gift still has a little dust on it this year :)

btw... I still feel a little itchy after leaving that place!

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