Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?

This 'rule' that has long been followed needs to be thrown out. White (just as any other color) can be worn year round. Now, maybe the shade of white, or the fabric will change throughout seasons, but feel free to wear it proudly. As you may have noticed, in fashion these days it seems like almost all rules have gone to the wayside. If you want to wear an oversized sweater with holes in it, over a pair of leggings with military style boots... well, sure, why not? Mix and match every hue of color in any pattern imaginable to create a wild outfit combo... even more interesting!

I spent some time looking through some of the Fall months on the Sartorialist getting ideas (above) for how white can be worn. I love the woman who has mixed a white dress with an off-white blazer!

Also, I know there is so SO many more Fall white 'looks' out there, but here are some I ran across that I like.

By the way, the girl on the far right in the Paul&Joe Sister top looks pretty plane jane, but, if you look closely at the top there is some great detail to the front. We are actually carrying this top at the boutique I work at in a great teal color and I just love it paired with jeans and boots!

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