I should have thought of that: Weddings

My engagement ring is really special to me because my husband designed it himself and actually helped in the making of it. It is fun to have photos of him from the day he went into the jeweler and actually 'threw the platinum' (which, I think is so awesome). And I love every single detail of my ring and remember the day he gave it to me being so blown away by how beautiful it was. Here is a photo below, but it is kind of difficult to see the actual ring.

Anyway, I recently came across this jewelry designer and love the unique style. I think this would be a great idea to do for our engagement ring, wedding band, or even a celebration band later down the road! I have always thought it would be a fun idea to get a band for each baby that Stone and I have and then wear it until they are older and I can pass it down to them. And I would love to stack a few of these together, their are so many options to choose from too. The price point is not too bad either and they use raw diamonds in a lot of their rings, which is beautiful. They also have an option to custom design your own rings like Stone did for me :)

Go here to see more!

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