Pinhole camera!

If you took photography class in high school you know exactly what this is... except we used an old Quaker Oats cardboard container (not as glamorous). But, when I came across this camera, I could not help but think back to the month we spent in class creating images using our homemade camera. Anyway, wouldn't this be a fun thing to buy for a little weekend photo adventure? One of my favorite things about photography is that makes you look your everyday a little differently than you would normally.

Go here to buy the camera.

Below is what a pinhole photograph ends up looking like, I like the blurriness actually :)

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Taylor said...

I was thinking back on this recently myself. Martie, Christie's sister is making one in her photo class right now. I do think it's interesting that photography is a huge part of life now...never thought that would happen during the days spent with good ol mr. abercrombie! Hope all is well!

Taylor McCabe

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