Have a wonderful weekend!

I am headed to Austin in a couple of minutes and just cannot wait to catch up with my girlfriends and celebrate Allie's upcoming wedding! Stone is busy this weekend too... he has a photo shoot on Saturday that I am so sad to be missing, but not too sad because I will most likely be laying out by a pool :) So far it has been so good to hang out with the fam, the only downside is that I am allergic to all the pets running around their homes and it is driving me nuts. But, since I got into town I have already had some Tex-Mex, which is one of the things I miss most about living here!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I am sure that I will have some great photos to share on Monday!


I am really wanting to order this calendar off of Etsy... so cute!

Another cool 2011 calendar.

This guy's 182 sq ft apartment makes our future 580 sq ft apartment seem like a mansion!

Love everything that this girl can make out of felt, it is incredible.

I think these are just so perfect. Would make for a fun Christmas gift (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Maybe a cool thing for you New Yorkers.

I am thinking instead of painting in our new place I may try out this.

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Stone Crandall Photography said...

That apartment is amazing! Did you read that he's and airplane interiors engineer? That apt. is a perfect fit for him. I'm feeling better about ours.

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