Weekend wrap up.

Hello! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend :)

Stone and I were still pretty busy this weekend. We both spent Saturday working and then Sunday we headed into Boulder to shoot a wedding. The guests at this wedding had crazy good dance moves and we had so much fun taking photos of them all throughout the night.

Saturday morning was probably Stone's favorite part of this entire weekend... his dad, Scoot, let him take me for a drive in his 1981 Porsche 911sc (to say that Stone was excited would be an understatement). Unfortunately during a good part of our drive we were stuck behind a line of slow moving cars and Stone looks over to me and says "I just wish I could show you how great it feels to go 80mph around this curve". Needless to say I did not want to see how it felt to go 80 around the curve... I had to explain to him that maybe girls don't appreciate speed/danger as much as guys :)

Scoot and Stone also spent some time with Stone's grandpa (a.k.a Papa) working on Scoot's 1947 Jeep Willy's. Stone is in heaven around all of these cars... now I know where he gets his love of old cars from! This was a very guys weekend... so Wendy (Stone's mom) and I had to balance it out by having Stone take us to the JCrew Outlet where we made out like bandits. I love a good sale!

Lastly, our plans to go kayaking on the reservoir were changed when we woke up Monday morning to crazy winds. It would have been more frustrating and difficult to kayak with the wind blowing as hard as it was so instead we went on a nice after dinner bike ride... after our blue cheese burgers that we devoured we needed it for sure!


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JMay said...

You two are such a cute couple! :-)

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