Have a creative weekend.


I figured out how to do a high bun. High, but not too high. While, I like the look of the huge bun high atop girls' heads, that high is just not for me. So the other day I was playing around and viola! So happy to have learned it because my hair is getting insanely long and I need some new do's.

Hope you all are gearing up for a fun and relaxing weekend. Stone and I finally finished unpacking last night (I threw a small fit to get him to actually put up his clothes) so now I have NO chores to do this weekend. Hooray! Always a good feeling. We are headed it a friends birthday party tonight and considering her event planning talents I am sure it will be perfection. I cannot wait for the day when I can throw a big beautiful dinner party at my house... I suppose I just need the right house (or a tleast one bigger than 500 sq ft) to throw it in :)

Stone and I then have a day of shooting with a bride and groom in La Jolla! Engagement shoots are our all time favorite. The shoots are just totally relaxed and fun, they are more of lifestyle shoots, which we both really love and feel we can be creative with. Hopefully sometime this week we can find time to go see Bridesmaids (I have heard great reviews from friends) and replant some of the plants on our porch that have ALREADY died. Ooops.

Here are some links to love. xo.

I am in the market for some land so I can have a FlatPak of my own (well and maybe I will share with husband too)!

The perfect maxi.

Fun idea for your guest book... later it will be perfect art for your home!

A scarf I can share with husband :)

Great craft for your weekend.

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