Look of the Week : The maxi.

This season is all about the lightweight, flowy sundresses!

This is great news for us gals. Such an easy look to throw together and if you have not shaved your legs in a while, don't fret because the maxi is back in full force this season and I am loving it. Throw on a sun hat, strappy sandals and a long beaded necklace and you are good to go! Truthfully at the moment I have zero maxi's in my closet, but this will quickly change (a little bird told me I was getting a couple shopping gift cards for my birthday!). Wooohooo! Hope you find this look inspiring. xo.


Taylor said...

I love the maxi look this season but every time I try them they are all too short on me and hit at this awkward length right above the ankle. Can you imagine a maxi dress being too short? Blast this 5'9" height!

Shel + Stone said...

Well I think you can still pull it off! The Calypso maxi on the top left would be perfect if you are taller because it has a slight rise in the front anyway! Perfect with sandals :)

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