Look of the Week : Thinking about it.

One of my favorite style bloggers Kendi, has proposed a 30 for 30 challenge to those in the blog world now for 4 seasons and she is proposing a new outlook on the challenge for this summer. There really are no rules, just simply pick 30 items from your closet and put together 30 outfits from those items throughout the summer. It is just a way to reinvent the things in your closet and look at them perhaps in a different way. Could be fun....

I am considering doing it, and I think you should too! Go here for the info!


Christina Moodie said...

I love the way kendi reworks and remixes her closet. I have not done the 30 for 30 yet but I did the "create a working closet" that she posted about a while back and it was sooo great!


Shel + Stone said...

Thanks for your comment Christina :) That does sound great! It's time to work on shopping my own closet, so I am excited about the challenge!

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