Weekend wrap up : May gray.

Good morning!

When we moved out here to California, everyone warned us about the months of May and June. California is supposed to be sunny and 70 all the time, right? Well, there is this little saying here 'May Gray and June Gloom'. Sounds like fun right? It's true, ever since we got back from Colorado, while there are spots of sunshine here and there, it has mostly been completely overcast. The bad news for me is that I am quickly losing any sign of color I had from all of my glorious beach days. The good news is that the light outside when the clouds are hovering is perfection for a photographer. Yes, yes, we do not get the beautiful golden hour, which we also love to shoot in. But, the foggy grey makes for pretty romantic looking photos I think.

Stone and I had such a fun engagement shoot this weekend! It is such a great surprise when a couple hops in front of our camera and is totally natural and comfortable. Plus they came armed with jokes, which is always a positive!

Location scouting for these shoots is always a bit tricky, but Stone has found Google Earth to be quite helpful! That is how we found the location for our shoot this past weekend... we saw open space with a bit of green, a bit of texture and of course the ocean and we thought, perfect! Below are some photos Stone snapped while we were checking out the place beforehand.

Pretty epic (that word is borrowed from husband's vocabulary). Cannot wait to share the photos with you all. Until then, have a great start to your week! xo.

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