Weekend wrap up : On the go.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Big news from our weekend... Stone golfed for the first time in pretty much... ever. And I experienced H&M for my very first time ever. I left with only a sun hat and bobby pins. The two of us have been traveling like crazy and we just mapped out the rest of our Summer/Fall and realized that the traveling really never stops. We almost need to plan a vacation so we can relax after all of these work trips :) Hint hint.

Anyway, we finally uploaded photos from our trip to DC so I wanted to share them with you.

Welcome to May. xo.

Just finished breakfast at Busboys & Poets. Delish!

We loved the neighborhoods and all of the beautiful brownstone's. Why they do not replicate this style over on this coast I have no idea, but I will keep wishing!

And this is pretty much the only photo of the two of us from our entire trip... so sad, but at least we both are smiling :)

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