Tuesday Tunes : A Monday surf.

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Ever since we moved here Stone has been dying for an underwater camera. The problem is that these things usually cost around $4k and with our ever growing work camera collection it just seems like an unnecessary expense at the moment. So, this weekend Stone built a small contraption that included an OtterBox, foam, and his iPhone. Viola! Underwater camera for $0. He took it out yesterday to 'test' it while surfing... knowing full well that if his contraption failed that would be the end of his new iPhone.

Well, it did not fail and he came away with some fun footage of he and our friend Chris hanging in the ocean. Hope you enjoy!

Music is 'Boy Lilikoi' by Jonsi


Cat said...

love it! great effects and original idea!

stone said...

Thanks so much Cat! It really was just a fun experiment. We're going to tinker around and make a better version 2 soon. Hope you're well.

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