She + He = We : Be Hapi!

Two nights ago Stone threw a little surprise get together for my upcoming 25th birthday. Even though he actually ruined the surprise in his efforts to get me to shower, get ready, and go out to dinner on a Tuesday night. I was all ready to throw on my PJs and enjoy leftovers when Stone began this speech about how he feels that he needs to take me out on more dates and how we should start tonight and go to grab sushi. Unfortunately I did not buy into this. The husband that I know, as sweet as he is, is not going to sit and try and convince me to go spend money on a nice dinner out when there is perfectly good food at our home. So we went back and forth a little bit until I realized he was not going to let up and that he must have planned something special so I should just go along. I did and was super happy to share a meal with some of my favorite people at one of my new favorite spots, Hapi Fish! I felt completely loved and celebrated and could not have asked for a better "surprise". So thank you husband, and thank you friends who came and celebrated with me. It meant a lot. xo.


Katie said...

Yay - there's our Jenni girl in Cali!
On an unrelated note, can you please find out if the girl w/dark brunette hair would be so kind as to tell me where she got her fabulous bag?! The one with the colorful dots and black handles?! I'm in love. :)

mommara said...

Happy Early Birthday! I love his sweet efforts. :)

Love your top. Would love to know where you found it.

Shel + Stone said...

Hi Katie, thanks for your comment! I did some investigating and her bag is from a place in Encinitas called Detour. You should give them a call to see if they have more... it's so cute!

Shel + Stone said...

Thank you mommara! I love his sweet efforts too ;)

My top is actually a full on romper! It is the first one I have ever bought and I am really loving it. I found it at Forever 21, but know that H&M and Topshop have plenty of similar jumpers too! xo.

Katie said...

Excellent research, thank you ;)

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