Weekend wrap up : Out on the town.

Even though I felt totally sick all weekend, Stone and I kept ourselves pretty busy with friends and fun meals out! We went to two new restaurants this weekend Union and Fish 101. Both had wonderful food, but Fish 101 is definitely more of our scene. It had a casual outdoor patio with picnic tables, twinkle lights and fish tacos. Nothing beats that right?

To be honest, this is always one of our biggest battles. Stone and I love trying new restaurants and of course hanging out with friends, but we hate to look at our end of the month budget and realize how ridiculously overboard we went in the 'food' department (we have recently started to use Mint, it just gives you a very specific breakdown of where you are spending your money). We are planning on starting a cash system for this, and I am excited to see how it goes. Whether it is spending money at the grocery store or going out to eat, we need to cut back. Have you ever tried using all cash to help you stay on a budget? Any suggestions for how to do it?

Okay... back to our glorious 3 day weekend. Along with the wonderful restaurants and fun time with friends we got to spend time on the beach reading (I just started The Help and definitely recommend it), playing games and taking walks.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT... the biggest news of all we got a new mattress! We have been sleeping on Stone's parents old mattress, which we have predicted is at least 20 years old. You can literally feel each individual spring in the mattress, needless to say we were MORE than ready to get rid of it. Have you ever slept on a pillow top mattress? Life changing. It is like a four-star hotel every night. Now it is just that much harder to get out in the morning. Humphhhh.

So, despite getting a crazy cold, it was a perfect weekend and I hope for many more like it this summer. I hope you had a lovely weekend as well! xo.

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laurentees said...

I'm starting to read The Help as well (and by 'starting' I mean I haven't opened it yet but bring it with me everywhere in case I have time to read). Glad to hear that you're recommending it :)

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