Inspiration board : My birthday wish list.

Hello lovies...

Sorry I am just now posting, it's just that the weather has really been too pretty here to be inside on the computer!

Anyway, like I have mentioned (and probably will mention several more times) my birthday is coming up next week! Hooray. I am one of those people who loves, loves birthdays. I prefer to make them at least a week long celebration. Husband was on top of things this year and already planned a surprise dinner with some of my dear friends out here, which we had last night (pictures to come!). He of course hinted at the surprise so I knew by the time we got to the restaurant that there would be friends waiting to celebrate! It was lovely and super thoughtful.

So, as anybody who loves birthdays as much as I do knows, we always have a gift wish list our heads of things we are coveting. Just in case someone asks of course...

Above are a few things that are currently on my list...

1 : The perfect beach tote, there are actually a lot of totes that I think are pretty perfect out there right now... this just happens to be one of them :)

2 : Could always use some new vases, and I sort of have a thing for owls!

3 : I am into the whole outfit really, pretty much anything this girl throws on is perfection.

4 : Wouldn't you like to wake up to breakfast in bed on your birthday? Preferably with some delicious cinnamon-y thing like this.

5 : Have been drooling over this bag and I saw it in the store last week, it met every expectation...

6 : I hinted to my mom that I was into these watches... so we'll see :)

7 : Thought that this sandal was cute for the Spring, and the color options are pretty great too!

8 : Lately I have had a strong urge to change up our entire bedroom decor... I would want it to look just like this!

9 : I have been on a wild search for a lightweight jacket similar to this one, but one that still will zip up... it is driving me crazy that I cannot find it!



Taylor said...

Okay! I need those owl vases in my life!

Shel + Stone said...

They would make a pretty bouquet of flowers even more happy :)

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