Inspiration board : Gone surfing.

So, really husband is the expert of all things surf... I am mostly pretending (since I STILL have not been surfing since we moved out here). But, I figured in keeping with the theme of our Tuesday Tune I might pull together some inspiring surf-y things. I also think I should come clean about something, I am terrified of sharks. They are up there with mountain lions, you don't find either in Dallas, Texas so up until 3 years ago that is what I was used to.

I literally had a dream just last night that I was in a boat that capsized in the ocean and I had to swim to safety. I was trying my hardest to swim without looking graceful like a seal so the sharks would not think I was dinner. I survived :)

Anyway, I AM going to try surfing. This Summer. So here is some inspiration, if you ever want to visit us out here on the west coast. Enjoy!

1 : I saw these at Patagonia and wanted to get them, just so I could play the part of a surfer girl.

2 : The Beach Boys. Classic tunes for your ride to the beach!

3 : I still have not grown tired of this movie, so cheesy and so good.

4 : Husband has a terrible tan line from the neck up. It is a wetsuit tan, and it is pretty funny, but good sunscreen is a must! Apply and then apply more.

5 : I love my beach mat. After your finish attempting to surf, it is the perfect surface to lay down and take a cat nap.

6 : Encinitas longboard. Fact: (well, it may not be true, but I like to think it is) sharks are not as attracted to longboards because they don't look like seals from below like shorter boards do.

7 : Tickets to Hawaii, because if I am going to try surfing I may as well try in some warm water :)

8 : Havaiana flip flops. For the, sometimes rocky, walk down to the beach!

9 : Underwater housing that Stone is hankering for so he can take some sweet surf photos! One day...

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Stone said...

#9 pretty please!

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