Look of the Week : Blog inspired.

Have you noticed the incredible amount of bloggers that are posting photos of themselves each day and talking about what they wore. At first, I have to say, I was completely turned off by this. I thought it just seemed crazy vain (I still think some of them are crazy vain), but I secretly have begun to love a small handful of these blogs and have been finding tons of inspiration from their outfits! It is kind of like the girls of the world got together and decided to be super trendy and post photos of themselves as they are doing it. And, while I was somehow not included on the guest list at that meeting I have definitely benefited from their bright idea.

So, here are my favorites of these style blogs... Atlantic-Pacific, What I Wore and Kendi.

Top (It's called the SHELBY so I had to blog it!!) : Anthropologie
Cardigan : Tory Burch
Bangles : Forever 21
Bag : Ellington
Sandals : Madewell

Outfit INSPIRED by this Kendi post!


Mary said...

I'm quickly developing a love/hate with your look of the week... This outfit is 3 for 3 where I end up buying a piece from above or something very similar. Sorry, credit card!

Shel + Stone said...

LOVE that :) Trust me, my wallet is feeling the exact same thing! But, my closet has never looked so good!

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